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These online auction listings are devoted to engravings, or ink pictures printed on paper from an image typically carved into a copper plate or other hard surface such as wood. Some notable artists whose engraving prints may come up for sale include John James Audubon, William Blake, Salvador Dali, Anne Desmet, and Beth van Hoesen, to name but a few. The prints, referred to as intaglio prints, may be framed, matted, loose, or mounted some other way. Occasionally, you may find engravings printed on fabric or cloth instead of paper. Engravings may feature additional coloring, hand-coloring, or aquatint to render the image more lifelike. There are other popular forms of engraving, too, such as scrimshaw, or images carved into the bones or teeth of whales or the shells, tusks, horns, or antlers of other animals. There are also etchings for sale, in which the image was etched into the metal by acid instead of cut with a burin tool. New engravings auctions are regularly added, so check back again soon if you don’t see what you’re looking for.